The Body Language of Success

The Body Language of Success

In this episode, international body language expert Allan Pease shares with us the art of body language. Allan is funny, entertaining and has worked with the highest profile politicians and business leaders to master their gestures for success. How do you look more confident, more dominant and more successful? We also hear about the things men and women do which drive each other CRAZY. Get ready to laugh and nod in understanding as Allan takes us through why we are not so different from the monkeys and chimps after all. Also find out how the markets were bullish last week and what is hot now.


Market Wrap with Ashley Jessen from Invast

It was an eventful week in the US market with Janet Yellen’s statement pushing the US dollar lower and the markets higher. And still considered the world’s most valuable company, Apple shares were added to the Dow Jones index.

The Australian markets had the highest weekly close since May 2008. While bearish divergence is hitting some stocks, banks and value-based stocks are still performing. With the 6000 resistance level and the double top it is an interesting time to watch our market.

Copper and crude oil are the opportunities to watch for this week.


Allan Pease – The Body Language of Success

BODY LANGUAGE is the outward reflection of internal emotional conditions.

Allan is an international body language expert who works with celebrities and top-level professionals in the public eye.

Attitudes of success, dominance, wealth and power in a person are all indicated by certain gestures, and Allan shares with us what some of these are and how to implement them so you can you can actually change your body chemistry and feel more confident.

We also look at the some of the fundamental differences between men and women and the things we which drive each other crazy. For instance:

  • Why does a male tend to spread his legs when he first meets an attractive woman?
  • Why do men not like to admit when they are wrong?
  • And why men and women approach the share market differently?

The answers will have you laughing, nodding your head and wiping your eyes.  We are not so far out from the caves and trees as we think.

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Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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