Market Meltdown

Market Meltdown

The markets SUCK at the moment. They’re in melt down, spreading waves of panic through the world. As a trader, how should you be handling this?

We’ve got a perfect storm with rising interest rates, a war, and high inflation. Hear how three experienced traders are approaching the markets right now in this fascinating Talking Trading interview with Louise Bedford, Chris Tate and Bubba Horwitz.

Volumes have dropped, and ranges have become very volatile so this is not a market for aggressive trading. Learn how to maintain consistency, how to eradicate bias, where bitcoin should fit into your portfolio, and how to apply leverage safely. Hear the specifics about what you need to be doing right now in today’s markets.

About Chris Tate and Louise Bedford

Chris and Louise are best-selling authors and the founders of, and have been running their repeat-for-free Mentor Program for the past 22 years. They provide simple techniques that you can implement straight away, and valuable resources to enhance your trading so you can maximise your profit potential.

About Bubba Horwitz

Bubba first worked on the floor as a trader in 1980. He is the chief market strategist of and a 44-year member of the Chicago exchange.  He is the host of his daily podcast called The Bubba Show. He is the founder and chief strategist of

Interview Highlights

4:20 – Bubba’s advice about how to handle market conditions right now
7:18 – Chris’s views on how to be adaptable in today’s market
8:42 – Tips to help you adjust to the new market conditions
16:40 – Has bitcoin become a religion?
18:35 – Eradicating bias
24:05 – How to maintain consistency and energy
27:50 – The role of risk
32:00 – How to apply leverage safely
44:00 – The market doesn’t pay you a salary

Quotable Quotes

“I say you follow the price action and just know when you’re trading, you need to know where you’re going to get out.” – Bubba Horwitz

“The thing that catches traders is the inability to adapt. When the world changes, you have to change.” – Chris Tate

“There’s so much history to learn from in markets. It’s understanding that we have history, so that when things begin to change it’s when the old timers say: “Been there, done that”.” – Chris Tate

“An equity curve without lumps and bumps isn’t real. Every trading business goes through lumps and bumps.” – Chris Tate

“You had to be emotionless on the trading floor or you’d get hammered” – Bubba Horwitz

“The market repeats itself over and over again. It doesn’t matter what time frame you trade. You don’t care what the reason is. Trading is not hard, but traders make it hard.” – Bubba Horwitz

“I think the economy sucks. I think we’re in a recession. I think the central banks around the world are all fraudulent crooks. All that being said… I’m going to still go to work every morning.” – Bubba Horwitz

“I truly love what I do. I think that’s what gives me the energy. If I’m going to drop dead it will be in front of a computer.” – Bubba Horwitz

“Hope never made anyone money.” – Bubba Horwitz

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