Don’t Be a Trading Loser

Don’t Be a Trading Loser

Jason McIntosh & Louise Bedford

There is no holy grail when it comes to trading, but in this essential episode of Talking Trading, Louise Bedford and Jason McIntosh discuss the essential elements required to deliver wealth directly into your account.

Jason is a trading celebrity in Australia. You’ll adore hearing Louise and Jason dissect trading specifics.

You’ll discover how to use a time stop, five key trading rules you must follow, and how to be profitable in today’s volatile market. Listen now and get the specific strategies you can implement to get results in the markets.

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Essential Topics Covered

10:20 – What if a position has gone up a lot – what do you do?
12:30 – How do you implement a time stop?
17:58 – There’s no holy grail
19:00 – Is there any room for a judgment call in trading?
19:59 – 5 key trading rules you must follow to excel
22:26 – Discover the time when Jason actually broke his rules
24:00 – Exactly how to trade a volatile market
27:00 – Jason reveals the stop system he uses
30:00 – How to get in touch with Jason McIntosh (

About Jason McIntosh

Jason McIntosh began his career in 1991 on the trading floor at Bankers Trust working with some of the best traders in the world. He is the creator of Motion Trader where he uses his algorithm to help regular people invest like the pros.

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