The uncut TRUTH about female traders

The uncut TRUTH about female traders

Are you struggling with a lack of support or craving connection with others sharing your same journey? Your family or partner often don’t understand your trading life. It can make you feel overwhelmed, I know. Yes, this episode is about female traders but the lessons are applicable to everyone in the markets. In this episode of Talking Trading,  you’ll hear Louise Bedford interviewed as she talks about her life and her trading past, and how you can use these lessons to excel as a trader.

This sparkling interview first appeared on the Work Wife Wine Time podcast at this link.


About Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford is the founder of She is a best-selling author of five books on the stockmarket and a behavioural finance expert with degrees in Psychology and Business.


About Mikala Grosse

Mikala is a tech-Savvy Business Coach. She focuses on helping women build a business and life they love by using tech in a smart, minimal and manageable way.



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