Make Gold – Make the Rules

Make Gold – Make the Rules

In this week’s episode hear how men and women can work together to achieve liberation, what the Brexit is doing to world markets and how Trading Game is raising micro-finance loans to lift families out of poverty in the developing world.


Market Wrap – Pete Armstrong

It is all about the Brexit.  Will Britain leave the European Union? As the referendum captivates the world, how does this affect world markets?



Bedford_06_white-bgA Warning For Female Traders – Mindpower

She who makes the gold makes the rules.’ Louise Bedford’s Grandmother.

Louise’s parents were poor, her mother didn’t have a winter coat, they ate potatoes to save money. Louise knew she wanted to earn her own money and be in control. And she is, but how far have women really pushed through?

A study in Australia the US and Holland has uncovered that a woman’s success at a task negatively affects the self-esteem of her male partner. It seems that although women have achieved liberation they have not achieved equality… yet.

Ladies: keep pushing forward and help your men adjust for you for now and for the next generation.


rdunn-bio2Opportunity International CEO Robert Dunn

Traders are a funny bunch… often they feel that they are not contributing something concrete to society.  The best traders are those who have achieved balance in their lives and giving to charity is a great way to achieve equilibrium.

Since 2002 Louise Bedford, Chris Tate and members of their Mentor Program have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Opportunity International and in this interview you hear why it is important.

Hear about Lorna in the Philippines. She started a dress making business and now employs three other people.  Hear how ‘The Egg Lady’ in the slums of Delhi makes a fantastic profit on hard-boiling eggs.

Trading Game Mentorees have a goal to raise $10,000 for micro finance loans and they are only $1,300 away from that goal. June is the best time of year to get a tax deduction for giving.

Get on board. Change the world. Leave a legacy. Make a difference.

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