Money Games

Money Games

Is your relationship with money healthy, solid and prosperous? Play these money games with Neuro Wisdom creator Mark Waldman to find out more about your relationship with money and why it benefits you to be generous.


Mark Waldman – Neuro Wisdom

Can you afford to be selfish in business?

Hell NO.

Would you do anything to get to the top to become a leader in the financial business world? At Harvard Business School that used to be the requirement for entry, but research has proven that the social kickbacks of being overtly greedy and selfish outweigh the benefits.

Human beings have neurological processes that instinctively punishes people who we see as being greedy, selfish and hoarding their wealth. Neuro Economics examines how people respond in social situations when money exchanges are involved and it shows that the fabric of a healthy economy and society is based on fairness and generosity.

What is your money story?

Play these MONEY GAMES with Marks to find out a little more your relationship with money and your internal ethics and emotional states.

Also hear about the Giving Pledge and how only 10% of the world’s billionaires are prepared to live on half a billion dollars.



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