Know How Wealth – Part 2

Know How Wealth – Part 2

Bushy Martin on becoming passive-aggressive: aggressive about your passive income.

Louise Bedford – Unsung Hero

Peter Hunt did our very first mentor program in 2000 and he has repeated the MP every year.

He acts a senior buddy to guide new traders he has recently decided to leave his job where he now has his own freedom and manages his own time.

Peter, we love seeing your trading dreams come to fruition.


Bushy Martin

In part 2 of Bushy’s interview we discuss the long game of investing and the different strategies for various stages of your life to accrue your wealth.

At 8.45 mins Bushy talks on the freedom numbers and their five components:

your lifestyle income, your break free time line, your nest egg number, the gap, and your freedom number.

11.10 mins looks at the cash flow versus growth curve argument and why Bushy talks on getting your nest egg to a large enough to give you passive income to live.

And then at 13.20 mins we look at Bushy’s investing journey and his wealth cycle from day trading into property and now dividends from shares.

We also talk on Bushy’s lowest 17.55 mins, his journey with mirror time, getting into his subconscious and sabotaging beliefs and how he has transformed that time into his highest highs and helping others create their investing compass.

Bushy says people don’t know care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Investment education is the key.

To get in contact with Bushy go to: or or email him at

Or listen to his “Get Invested” Podcast at


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