Kick Your Corona Challenges

Kick Your Corona Challenges

Move forward with autonomy, mastery and purpose with these Corona Trading lessons.

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate

Let’s face it.

2020 has been a challenging year.

So how did it affect traders?

For starters, times of challenges reveal your true character, when you are vulnerable you find out who you really are and social isolation has given people time to re-evaluate their lives.

As traders, we don’t create the waves we just ride them as they occur. CT and other Trading Game members were making so much money they felt survivability guilt.

If you were to reframe Covid-19 and say what if this was a time of opportunity, how would you look at 2020?

You see, if you can alter your mindset you can alter your future.

What action steps can you take right now to prepare for 2021?

The Trading Game Mentor Program is a repeat-for-free course so Chris and Louise can be a constant resource in your lives and drive your trading mindset forward.

Trading Game is opening for priority notification for the next mentor program.

Sit down and look around you and your life. If you want to change it go to and register.


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