Heart Hello

Heart Hello

It is time for change with Body Language experts Barbara and Allan Pease and their prediction for a new global greeting.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Do you have trading apnoea?

The best traders are in the moment of flow, they are relaxed and they breathe.

If you are a tense bundle of nerves it will not help your trading results.



Barbara and Allan Pease

COVID – 19 has changed the world.

The way we greet each other may have changed forever.

How do we now greet people to say hello and still make them feel connected, welcome and accepted?

The elbow bump is awkward, the fist bump is macho and foot-tapping looks like a silly version of River Dance.

Allan and Barbara have devised the ‘Heart Hello”. (7.48 mins) Hear its essential features which are hand on heart, lean forward, and maintain eye contact.

Also, hear the origins of the traditional handshake. It became popular in the Roman army and used between leaders when they met 2000 years ago and we have been using it ever since. (11.33 mins)

Barbara gives great advice on how to build rapport over Zoom and video calls (17.05 mins) and also how to deal with negative people and increase your sales with the numbers game in COVID-19 times.  (23.15 mins)


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