Intuitive Wealth

Intuitive Wealth

Business Intuitive Craigh Wilson on the power of intuition for peak performance.

Mindpower – Louise bedford

Don’t clutter your trading plan.

Simplicity leads to clarity of mind so strip away accessories and stick to the basics.

Become the best trader you can be, so you can ripple out into the world.


Business Intuitive – Craigh Wilson

Come out of fear and back into flow with Craigh’s insights on intuition, trauma and peak performance

Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is the sacred gift and the rational mind is the faithful servant.”

Craigh discusses the impact of trauma on performance and how 83% of business leaders come from a place of survival and fear (8.30 mins).

We look at reducing stress and trauma to make better decisions in the right moment and having the courage and fortitude to follow trading plans (12 mins).

He discusses ego versus self-worth (13.30 mins) and then how someone in ‘flow’ feels; grounded, at their very best, like they are on holidays, as though nothing can go wrong, and as though the wind is behind them (15.20 mins ).

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