Karen Hansen Palumbieri

Karen Hansen Palumbieri

Karen Hansen Palumbieri defines persistence and patience. In this episode hear her trading journey from first entering the Mentor Program to the magical feeling of a big trading win. Also hear Louise Bedford’s heartbreaking stories of an investors’ trust sold for gold by people claiming to be educators when in reality they were just wolves in sheep’s clothing and sharemarket shonks.


Karen Hansen-PalumbieriKaren Hansen Palumbieri

Louise Bedford admires Karen Hansen’s Palumbieri’s persistence and patience whilst trading and her ability to keep on keeping on.

Two things keep Karen motivated and ploughing the markets week after week.

1. Habit – trading is a part of her day every day.


 2. That Magical Feeling When She Strikes A Great Trade

Knowing there is another great trade just around the corner when her system has worked, she has positioned sized correctly, she took the signal and the profits came barreling home.

Hear Karen’s highs and lows in the market, what she finds challenging and rewarding about hunting the dollar and her advice to keep it simple, be disciplined and don’t fiddle with your system.


Bedford_06_white-bgAvoiding Sharemarket Shonks Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford gets angry when she sees trading educators using people’s dreams and hopes against them to make gold for themselves.

In over 20 years as a leading authority Louise has witnessed many share market shonks come and go.

Hear what she has to say about these wolves in sheep’s clothing, hear some heartbreaking stories of people who were duped and learn to recognize only those people who are authentic.

Plus hear about our resident comedian Anthony Ackroyd’s latest workshops:

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