Café Conversations – Joe Papa

Café Conversations – Joe Papa

In this week’s episode of Talking Trading Chris Tate walks us through the market news of the world. As the boom comes off China and Greece hinges in uncertainty Chris discusses the bi polar nature of markets. Hear how Australia is caught in a sideways move which is neither bull nor bear and join Mentoree Joe Papa in Café Conversations to hear his trading journey and how success has come not by FedEx but by dogged determination.

chris_tate_expChris Tate – Market Wrap 29 June 2015

China has been the best performing equity market of the year gaining over 40%. But the shine has worn off and the PULLBACK has arrived.

Manic energy has turned into panic as people are forced selling.
The Nikkei is also dropping as Chris is stopped out of his long position.

Meanwhile Greece hinges in uncertainty with its loan repayments and Chris discusses the future of the EU.

Australian markets are neither bear nor bull and are caught in a sideways slop. Hear where Chris is looking to make profits and which commodities are trending.

joe-papa_lbCafé Conversations – Joe Papa

Joe Papa did the Mentor Program in 2009 and has had great results including a trade with a 32 R return.

Joe knew success would not be FedEx – it would not come overnight. He has been a woodpecker and doggedly persisted with the markets until he hit results.

Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod


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