Chris Tate – Are You Crazy for Becoming a Trader?

Chris Tate – Are You Crazy for Becoming a Trader?

Louise Bedford – Market Wrap


The bulls are mustering with a breakout from last week’s symmetrical triangle on good relative volume. Louise Bedford’s scans have gone from sombre to busy, with multiple options and pyramid signals.

We are just waiting to see if a level of resistance in the All Ord’s means the bulls will stay in their herd or charge full steam ahead.

Our Exciting Longitudinal Study


What is your big ‘why’ for becoming a trader?

What are the overwhelming reasons you are taking the time to educate yourself in the markets?

We challenge you to write down your reasons for trading right now. Day 1 of the Mentor Program we asked Penelope Bellamy, Christine Barwise, Andrew Woodward and Coral Taylor their reasons. See if they are similar to yours.

Chris Tate – Are You Crazy for Becoming a Trader?


Your friends think you are crazy for becoming a trader! You have done the hard yards, you have worked on your trading system and you are ready to launch into a life of unparalleled freedom.

The trouble is – no one supports you. They all think you are nuts.

What do you do?

Veteran trader Chris Tate gives advice. You can’t afford to miss out on his wisdom.

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