Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome

You know that voice: I am not good enough …  or sooner or later they are going to find out I am fraud. That is the voice of Impostor Complex. Hear best-selling authors and experts Louise Bedford and Michael Yardney discuss its impact on your investing and how you can banish it to thrive.


The Impostor Complex affects EVERYONE.

You know that voice… it is just a matter of time until the other shoe drops… or it is just a matter of time until they find out I am a fraud.

Or I look more competent than I really am.

Everyone suffers from the Impostor Complex and it affects investors achieve their DREAMS.

Louise looks at traders and Michael property investors who have given up because of this dark nagging voice.

And Louise makes a confession about some of her impostor thoughts and shares some STRATEGIES to overcome them including the quiz put together by the woman who coined the term Dr Pauline Rose Clance.

To read more about Pauline Rose Clance and take the Impostor Syndrome quiz, click here:

To download your impostor syndrome special report, called The Flourishing Investor, click here:

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