Impostor Syndrome 2

Impostor Syndrome 2

In this episode, we combat the voices of the Impostor Syndrome and overcome the thoughts that you are not good enough. Louise and Michael give strategies to empower yourself and slam dunk the impostor voice once and for all.

Louise Bedford and Michael Yardney

Inspired by Tanya Geisler, we know that the Impostor Complex thrives on 5 LIES.

Louise Bedford goes through each lie and Michael Yardney responds to each one to debunk its authority.

Here they are:

  1. If you have self-doubt you will fail
  2. You can’t admit your vulnerability
  3. You are not ready
  4. It is only a matter of time until you blow it
  5. They don’t mean the praise they are just being NICE.

And Louise walks through some antidotes to build your self-worth.


Start with a simple thank you.

The Impostor Complex hates the word ‘thank you’. Just say THANK YOU to the small triumphs. No need to diminish or put your achievement down in any way.

Both sides WIN from saying a simple thank you.


Seek out constructive criticism on small things which don’t affect your identity.

Thirdly and most of all the Impostor Syndrome likes you to be SMALL, ALONE, and in the DARK.

Having support is ESSENTIAL to bring yourself out into the light. That is why we bring you free resources at Talking Trading each week to give you access to the best experts in their fields and hear their stories of inspiration.

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