Gangland Fighters to Freedom Writers

Gangland Fighters to Freedom Writers

This episode is a UNIQUE opportunity to hear one of the famous Freedom WritersTiffony Jacobs, who grew up homeless on the streets of LA and transformed her life of underprivilege to now passionately speaking publicly and advocating for financial literacy. Many people would call Tiffony a hero, and on this same theme, Louise Bedford shares on being the hero in your own life.


Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Be the hero of your own life.

We all feel fear. Don’t try and push it away, move forward with it.

You are the hero of your own life, it is your turn to step into the light.



Tiffony Jacobs

Tiffony grew up on Skid Row.

She often slept on concrete pavements, stood in lines for food stamps and wandered the streets of LA with all her clothes in one bag.

It was a desperate and desolate childhood.

But all that changed when she met the inspirational teacher Erin Gruwell.

Gruwell gave her students the gift of books and reading, buying novels out of her pay packet and inspiring them to rise from underprivileged and create lives of opportunity and empowerment.

Gruwell organised activities for the students like meeting holocaust survivors and suggested each child write down the stories of their backgrounds in a journal. It became a source of solace and empowerment and soon the journals were published and the children famously became known as the Freedom Writers.

Gruwell’s captivating story has been caught by Hollywood in the movie Freedom Writers starring Hillary Swank and Patrick Dempsey.

Today Tiffony is a public speaker and a passionate advocate of financial literacy. She is educating herself and creating her own pillow of financial security so she never has to sleep on concrete pavements again.

Hear her inspiring story in this week’s episode.

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