Gangland Fighters to Freedom Writers 2

Gangland Fighters to Freedom Writers 2

Growing up homeless on the streets of LA, Tiffony Jacobs knows how tough life can get. In part 2 of my discussion with Tiffony, you’ll hear about the tools of transformation she used to become the writer of her own life’s cheques. Also, Louise Bedford asks “What is your quiddity?”


Mindpower – Louise Bedford

What is your true essence or what is your QUIDDITY?

Are you living in line with your true values?

As a trader what is your quiddity, do you follow your stops and written trading plan?



Tiffony Jacobs

As a Freedom Writer and advocate for financial literacy, Tiffony shares the values which inspire her and make her tick each day.

In part 2 of her interview we discuss the following:

As a Freedom Writer, not surprisingly, Tiffony advocates that everyone journal.

Journal writing is planning your life through thoughts. It is a place where your true heart can out and over time you see your growth and evolution through the pages.

Being resilient is the ability to recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Stick to what makes you passionate, if you believe you can do it there is no amount of trying that makes you a failure.

A dream without action is a tragedy.

Tiffony writes down her goals every week. If she has an idea she writes it down, then makes a plan to find the resources to achieve that goal.

What inspires Tiffony the most is the process of transformation.

Having a goal, being laser-focused to achieve it and doing everything necessary to achieve it.

Draw a picture of the quintessential you and from there you will be inspired to meet that person one day.

Then find a mentor.

Someone who knows better and has done better. Find someone to mimic and duplicate.

Final Piece of Advice
The world doesn’t listen to poor people.

Save, protect and grow your money.

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