Time Mastery

Time Mastery

What goes on inside your head when you trade? Here is a take on trading psychology you won’t want to miss. Trading Coach Andrea Wylan shares how consistently successful traders think. Chris Tate discusses the risk/reward ratio and Louise Bedford tells you to trade what you see.



Try this time management tip ‘Twice the Pace”.

If you are a podcast buff, absorb more information quickly by listening to it at DOUBLE SPEED.

Simply double tap the screen or look for the 2X button and you can make time x 2.


Chris Tate – A Little Trading

What is an equity curve and why is an equity curve important?




Mark Creedon

TIME is your most valuable commodity.

On a professional level, time is money.

So how do you master time so time doesn’t master you?

If you don’t appreciate the VALUE of your time you can never expect anyone else to value it.

Limiting beliefs may surface in yourself but the results are in the delivery. Advice has an intrinsic time value and if you buy something cheap, you don’t value it as much, therefore you must charge accordingly for your time.

Money is a tool to enable you to craft a work-life balance.

Mark discusses action planning and sprint planning, taking a task and breaking it down into 8 steps. He also runs through the concept of target timing and the power of racing yourself to get things done.

To help you kick your goals, Mark is offering listeners a one-page cheat sheet The Red Monkey Master Mind Goal Generator at www.redmonkeycoaching.com/tradinggame

As an added bonus, here is a is a short video to walk you through how to use The Goal Generator step by step:

To find out more about Red Monkey Coaching go to: www.redmonkeycoaching.com

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