Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits

Hear these TRICKS to improving your habits for better motivation and success from Dr Harry and the book ATOMIC HABITS. Louise Bedford on the power of finding like-minded traders to talk shop.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Do you like to talk shop?

People who like to talk shop can feel abandoned so it is important to hang out with like-minded people with a success focus.

It helps drive you on and helps you feel heard so find other traders to hang out and talk shop.


Dr Harry Stanton

You will love hearing how to create good habits for optimum success.

At (6.05 mins) hear Dr Harry on the role dopamine plays in our actions and how to increase it for that high optimum performance level. And that very important habit of reinforcing all the GOOD things we have done to improve our performance.

At (12.15 mins) take a leaf out of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book and hear the power REPETITION and how it had a HUGE effect on his motivation and success.

At (14.50 mins) hear how your environment is the hand that shapes your behaviour and the power of cueing your environment to create good habits, then hear about the law of least effort and the power of creating sub-goals.

Finally, hear the power of imitating successful people and confidence building from a role model.

You can pick up Harry’s book, Let the Trade Wins Flow from this link. Dr Harry Stanton is obsessed with helping traders kick down their psychological barriers that stand in the way of top profits. You’ll be in awe of the insights you’ll gain, especially since Chris Tate and Louise Bedford have re-written this book with Harry from the ground up. Harry will help you make the markets into the CASH-COW you’ve been craving.

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