Inside an Investment Bank Dealing Room P2

Inside an Investment Bank Dealing Room P2

After 30 years of cracking the code in the markets, Jason McIntosh reveals his trading secrets with Louise Bedford and how the power to create financial freedom is in your hands.

Jason McIntosh

Jason McIntosh and Louise Bedford have a real trading synergy.

They come from completely different trading backgrounds but their trading mindset and methodologies are eerily similar. And it proves the point that the best traders have been using the same strategies for decades.

At 5.05 mins hear how finding the right mentor and ‘making their ways your ways’ is the big secret to success and will buy yourself back years of trial and error.

At 8.20 mins hear what makes Jason’s algorithmic trading system tick and how he uses trend following as an underlying philosophy. Also, hear how his favourite technical indicators are moving averages.

Just like Louise Bedford’s.

At 17.35 mins hear Jason’s hit rate of trades and at 23.15 mins hear what characteristics make the best traders in Jason’s mind – order and routine and being mechanical and unemotional. Sounds just the Trading Game Mentor Program doesn’t it?

At 26.55 mins hear his unforgettable 3 Dad’s story and how the power of financial freedom is in your hands.


Louise Bedford thinks of Jason as her ‘brother from another trading mother’, so I’m sure you’ll love his views and trading methods.

Learn from Jason McIntosh, a professional trader with three decades of trading experience. He’s prepared a 4-part video series called The Trader’s Workshop for our traders and he’s giving it to you for free.

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