Stock Whisperer Stephanie Kammerman on dark pool execution

dark pool

There are many ways to make money in the markets. Listen to this episode with Stephanie Kammerman on Dark Pool execution - an aspect of the markets you may never have considered. Hear how the big money moves their orders and how you can benefit. Plus hear Louise Bedford on the importance of a good trading plan.


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Dr Harry Stanton with psychological techniques to create a winning mindset.


Here is a box full of psychological tips to take control of your mindset, get beyond your inner saboteur and play your inner A game. Are you sick and tired of feeling plagued by self doubt and controlled by your inner saboteur telling you that you can’t do things well enough, can't make enough money, and that you will never have the life you desire? Time to ditch it with this interview with Dr Harry Stanton Trading Psychologist and Peak Performance Coach.


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Chris Tate on the trending markets and Louise Bedford on overcoming your tough childhood.

donald and mickey

Come and explore which markets are moving in this week’s episode of Talking Trading. With Donald and Mickey in the White House, Chris Tate urges everyone to get over their personal revulsion of world leaders and still make money. Louise Bedford asks you if you had a tough childhood and what unresolved pain still seeps into your adult life. Hear about the tools she offers to heal emotional wounds and hear how to keep your children from suffering their own trauma and develop resilience from resilience expert, Ben Reghetti, of the ‘Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sustainability’ School.


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Layne Beachley - 7-time World Champion Surfer on resilience, success and determination.

layne surfing

Want to be a champion? Get inside the head of a champion with 7-time world champion surfer Layne Beachley. Hear about Layne’s journey to the top, how she stayed there, and what she did when she decided to stop riding the wave.


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Relive the wisdom from each of our special guests.


Well... it's the Talking Trading finale for the year. Come and take a walk down memory lane for a hit of inspiration from each of our special guests during 2016. Hear the pearls of wisdom from Market Wizards Mark D Cook, Tom Basso and Jack Schwager. Remember the insights from charting legend Peter L Brandt and the wisdom from our many life coaches, authors, speakers and financial experts.


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