Mentoree Lynda Croker on 15 years of trading and Louise Bedford on Optimism Bias.


Sharpen your dentures as this week’s episode looks at Trading Game mentoree Lynda Croker’s journey. Hear how she made the snap decision to enter the markets and how she is in strong profit on her daily system. Louise Bedford discuses Optimism Bias and she urges you to enjoy where you are right now and hear Chris Tate on how the Ginger Gibbon aka Donald Trump is affecting markets and what is trending.


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How to be an empowered investor and beat every active mutual fund.


Protect your nest egg with this week’s episode. Gary Stone author of Blueprint to Wealth discusses the massive underperformance of mutual funds and how everyday investors can accrue millions more profit over their working life by investing in ETFs and Index Funds. You don’t need to be share trader…. you just need good common sense…. and 15 minutes every three months. Also hear Louise Bedford assure you a little more pressure and education will turn you into a trading diamond.


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Barbara Stanny on sacred success and fulfilling your potential.

This week’s episode of Talking Trading features life coach Barbara Stanny on sacred success and pursuing your soul's purpose. Hear how greatness is where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger and the slogan for the rich. Also get deep inside Louise Bedford’s head in this episode as she shares some personal words from her morning journal and asks you ‘What is your personal manifest for today?’


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Andrew Woodward is a Graduate of the Trading Game Mentor Program. Hear all about his trading journey and breaking down those big goals into building blocks.


Hear how those mini building blocks can create a whole new life in this week’s episode of Talking Trading. Mentoree Andrew Woodward discusses how the Mentor Program, and learning to trade with the six inches between his ears, led to creating a whole new business for himself. And Louise Bedford challenges you to treat yourself like a toddler for a day in order to manifest your BIG goals.


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Psyquation’s money management strategy and Louise Bedford on starting from scratch.


The first world’s first robo trading coach has come to life in the FX markets. Psyquation is not a black box or a trading system but a money management strategy. Hear how it was built and how it can eliminate trading errors. Plus if Louise Bedford had to start from scratch what would she do? Find out in this episode.


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