It's been an amazing year on Talking Trading. Listen to these unique words of wisdom from our very special guests in 2017.

It’s the finale of the year. Come and relive the highlights from our special guests in 2017. What did Wall Street legend Victor Sperandeo say about the World Debt? What did Jack Schwager say all the Market Wizards have in common? This and much, much more...


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Want to know what the top performing markets of 2017 and where the cash was made? All will be revealed in this week's Talking Trading podcast.

Chris Tate walks around the markets in 2017 and tells you where the cash was made for trend followers. Louise Bedford asks what questions would you ask the most successful trader?


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US macro heavyweight Greg Weldon on the US economy, bitcoin, gold and Australia.

US stocks continue to rise but the macro picture is awry. Greg looks at what is happening behind the scenes with The Fed, quantitative easing and consumer credit. Bitcoin is the word on everyone lips and gold could be a coiled spring. Hear Greg’s macro analysis and where he is looking for profit. Louise Bedford tells you to look deep in Mindpower.


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Legendary Trader Vic on macro policy perspective and the state of the world.

Famous trader and financial commentator Victor Sperandeo on the world’s political trends and what the central banks have done to the major economies of the world.


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From playing poker as a teenager in Queens to 45 years on Wall Street, 'Trader Vic' is a legend in the game.

A fascinating interview with Victor Sperandeo as he gives you trading nuggets that you can implement immediately in today's market. Plus, hear Louise Bedford's views on how to get the lesson from your trading loss.


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