Hear from Chris Tate on how to trade volatility in the markets.


In this episode of Talking Trading hear Chris Tate define volatility and why it brings difficulty to traders in the markets. Chris discusses Options and why traders should have volatility valves on their trading plans. Louise Bedford looks at how to stave off depression in Mindpower with a series of questions to ask yourself at the end of each day to live your ideal life.


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Are you feeling lack lustre and unenthused by life? Listen to this week's episode to give your the pep up you need.

A puppy sits in a plastic strainer, waiting to be sold by its owner, in front of a subway station in downtown Shanghai on October 28, 2015. The owner sold four puppies each selling for 100 yuan (15.73 USD). AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE        (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

Hear the power of enthusiasm in this week’s episode as Dr Barry Burns joins us for part 2 of his interview on the psychology of trading. Hear why he is passionate about trading and why Louise Bedford believes enthusiasm is a conscious choice for you to make in order to succeed in the markets.


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Dr Barry Burns on his trading methodology and where new traders go wrong.


In this week’s episode be inspired with Dr Barry Burn’s passion for the markets as he shares his secrets and techniques of 49 years experience. Also hear from Chris Tate how the commodity markets are bullish… and which ones are on the rise.


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Learn about the shock Brexit decision and its impact on world markets.


The markets have been hit as Britain leaves the EU. Hear the geo-political consequences of the referendum and where the safe money is flowing.


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Hear Louise Bedford’s childhood money script and why women need to keep pushing forward.


In this week’s episode hear how men and women can work together to achieve liberation, what the Brexit is doing to world markets and how Trading Game is raising micro-finance loans to lift families out of poverty in the developing world.


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