Market Wizard Tom Basso on trading and enjoying the ride


In this episode of Talking Trading we hear from Market Wizard Tom Basso and his trading journey from when he started buying mutual funds at the age of 12 to life after retirement and some of the things he learned along the way. Hear why he prefers the word trading strategy to system, how he controls volatility and the two most impactful trades of his career. We hear the story behind the tag line Mr Serenity and why finding the sweet spot of your investment psychology is the most important thing to maintain your…. serenity.


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Read another person’s character within seconds and further understand your own personality.


Imagine looking at a person’s face and knowing their strengths, weakness and their personality just from their features? The art of face reading enables you to do just that. In this episode we talk to Celebrity Face Profiler Alan Stevens on the power of face reading and how it helps you understand your personality and trigger points so when the markets are tough you have awareness of how you react. Also hear from Louise Bedford in Mindpower on how you can de-tooth the fear of failure to live a trader’s life.


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Join world authority on the Impostor Complex Tanya Geisler.


Get ready to move into your greatness and shine as a trader with Leadership Coach and Ted X Talk Star Tanya Geisler. Those feelings of ‘it is just a matter of time until someone finds out I am fake’ are ready for the dustbin. Tanya defines, describes and demystifies the Impostor Complex so you can OWN YOUR AUTHORITY. Her enthusiasm is electric. Her passion is uplifting. Her belief tells you can do anything. Get ready – go – step into your greatness.


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Hear about the world’s top traders straight from the author of the Market Wizards series of books in this week’s episode of Talking Trading.

If you could ask anything to the man who has interviewed the world’s top traders, what would it be? In this episode Jack Schwager, author of the legendary Market Wizard series, discusses writing his books and the answer to that seminal question - what are the characteristics of great traders? Jack also discusses FundSeeder, his new project designed to find the undiscovered great traders.


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The importance of treating share trading like a business and the personal story of accountant Jason Cunningham.

In this episode of Talking Trading, feel the pain of not treating your trading like a business and why the tax department refused to grant a tax rebate to a share trader on the grounds her business was not being run professionally. Hear how you can avoid ever being in such a situation. Also tune in to the personal journey of accountant Jason Cunningham and his rags to celebrity story.


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