Learn about the shock Brexit decision and its impact on world markets.


The markets have been hit as Britain leaves the EU. Hear the geo-political consequences of the referendum and where the safe money is flowing.


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Hear Louise Bedford’s childhood money script and why women need to keep pushing forward.


In this week’s episode hear how men and women can work together to achieve liberation, what the Brexit is doing to world markets and how Trading Game is raising micro-finance loans to lift families out of poverty in the developing world.


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Money Games

Is your relationship with money healthy, solid and prosperous? Play these money games with Neuro Wisdom creator Mark Waldman to find out more about your relationship with money and why it benefits you to be generous.

Ready to play some money games and test your entrepreneurial psyche?


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OMG... Can I do this? Here is the answer.

Are you sensing that OMG feeling "I just don’t think I can do this?" Then you may be on the verge of a breakthrough. To live the trader’s life you have to tread where civilians don’t go and be willing to live on the edge.


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How power posing changes your biochemistry to optimum states


Banish low self-confidence and pessimism in this week’s episode of Talking Trading as leading corporate trainer Judeth Wilson speaks about the benefits of power posing. Also, resident psychologist Simone Miller defines the demon of pessimism and reveals her 5-step strategy to kick self doubt and pessimism in the butt.


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