Terrence Odean on behavioral economics and the crazy decisions investors make.


We are rational when it comes to investing our money aren’t we? Statistically proven no we are not. Terrence Odean is a pioneer and authority in the field of behavioral economics and its applications to equity investing. He put the empirical data on trading proving we make crazy decisions with our hard earned money. In this interview Terry discusses the deadly sins traders predictably make and how he helped turn modern economic theory on its head. Louise Bedford also tells you her early money story and asks you yours.


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Mountaineer Patrick Hollingworth on climbing Mt Everest and abandoning comfort for adventure.


Stay enthralled with this week’s episode of Talking Trading as mountaineer Patrick Hollingworth takes us back to the top of Mt Everest. Hear the joy Patrick finds in the mountains and why he says to abandon your clutch for comfort and go seeking adventures into the unknown. Louise Bedford urges you to stop ruminating and break your problems down in Mindpower as she reveals a key habit for success in her life. Plus get the low down on how the markets reacted to the federal budget with economist Jonathan Barratt.


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Mountaineer Patrick Hollingworth on climbing Everest and getting out of your comfort zone and Louise Bedford on taking tiny steps to climb your trading mountain.


In 2010 Patrick Hollingworth stood on the rooftop of the world. Hear his journey of crevasses, melting glaciers, falling ice cliffs, oxygen deprivation, and drops of 3km either side on a knife ridge summit to finally see the sun rise from the highest place on earth. Hear Louise Bedford’s mountain to climb in mindpower and how just like Patrick, tiny steps get you to your trading summit.


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Chris Tate takes a look at markets around the world and Louise Bedford gives motivation strategies.


The Donald Trumpets War with North Korea but the markets remain unflustered. Hear how countries around the world are performing as Britain stands for a shellacking in its Brexit divorce and domestic markets knock on the 6000 door. Learn the habits of the wealthy in Mindpower as Louise Bedford shares her roadmap to success in 3 strategies to overcome the Kafka Effect.


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The differences between men and women in investing.

When it comes to investing, Mars needs a little more help from Venus. Gary Stone from Share Wealth Systems discusses the different ways men and women invest and why women need to take a more active role. Men tend to suffer the effects of Marlboro Man bravado and its accompanying brothers of anger and frustration. Gary shares tactics he used as a young trader to overcome negative emotions and trade effectively. Louise Bedford also urges you TAKE ACTION. Stop ruminating and expand.


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