How to build your trading self-esteem

Understand your trading psychology at the deepest level with trader, trading psychologist and trading coach Mandi Pour Rafsendjani who gives fascinating insights into childhood self esteem, trading errors and ultimate success in the markets. Louise Bedford shares on the principle of serendipity.


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Ready for business action? How are your time management skills?

Pick up time management and business skills in this episode with Mark Creedon from Red Monkey Coaching and hear how to be more organised and productive through your day. Plus Louise Bedford shares her view on your calendar and organisation.


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We know sex sells but how does it trade?

Louise Bedford on gender in the markets and which comes first the chick or the dreg, Chris Tate on how to kick start a small account and Adam Talbot on the little things that make success.


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Are you new to trading? Kick-start your trading journey with top experts from this online trading summit. Louise Bedford discusses the importance of working with a team.

Philip Teo has amassed 30 + top traders around the world for an online trader’s summit so you can hear the best experts talking about their strategies and secrets. Louise Bedford shares the importance of working with a team.


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Chris Tate on key points from the one-day seminars across Australia on How to Trade Full Time.

Didn’t get a chance to make it to the one-day seminars with Chris Tate and Louise Bedford or you want refresher tips here are key points with Chris Tate on how to be a successful trader.


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