It is the finale of the year.

Our gift to you from the Talking Trading Santa Sack is highlights from our special guests and Chris Tate’s market wrap.


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Tom Basso on still enjoying the ride in his world.

Want to hear more from Market Wizard Tom Basso? Tom discusses the psychology of his trading, current markets and the new world he has created at Enjoy the Ride where traders have unique access to the life and trading of Tom Basso.


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Tom Basso on Enjoying the Ride and his trading methodology.

Imagine being able to hear the specifics of a Market Wizards trading plan? In this episode it becomes real. The legendary Tom Basso walks through the technicals of his trading system and how he makes profit. Louise Bedford reaffirms that trading education is your prize.


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Mentoree Simon Wray-McCann on how developing systems has helped him in all areas of his life.

Trading teaches life skills with mentoree Simon Wray-McCann, Louise Bedford tells you to get ready for success by harnessing your mirror neurons with good visualization and Chris Tate tells you how to measure your trading results.


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Need some portfolio resuscitation? Adrian Reid on designing systems for success and Louise Bedford on the importance of your trading definition for longevity in the markets.

This episode gives resuscitation to your portfolio and psychology as Adrian Reid discusses systematic trading and what makes traders profitable and Louise Bedford emphasises the importance of your trading definition.


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