From refugee to self-made trader - how Terry Tran mastered the markets with Warren Buffet’s help. Louise Bedford on investing in your future.

Hear what Terry Tran learned from Warren Buffett and how he sifted through the misleading from the authentic information in part one of our interview with him.


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The legacy of Dawn Bolton-Smith, pioneer of technical analysis in Australia.

We honor the passing of a great lady in this week’s episode of Talking Trading. Dawn Bolton-Smith, aged 87, was the matriarch of technical analysis in Australia.  With a career spanning 50 years, she was the first technical chartist to be employed by the Australian Stock Exchange. Dawn’s passion for charting broke through barriers and her reputation for calling markets correctly was legendary. She helped inspire Louise Bedford and led the way for a generation of women in the markets.


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Realistic expectations of a short-term system and the right tool for the right job.

In this interview with Chris Tate, we hear what are accurate expectations of a short-term trading system and how much cash flow it can bring. Louise Bedford talks about taking responsibility for where you are in life and your trading education.


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Learn how to pull rabbits out of a hat with Chris Tate on short-term trading magic and Louise Bedford on not giving up on your trading education.

In today’s episode hear Chris Tate on his trading system and short-term trading. Hear more tips and tricks Chris uses for cash-flow in the markets and what you should be looking for to pull profits. And Louise Bedford beckons you towards the sweet treats that wait if you pursue your trading education.


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Entrepreneur Ali Brown continues on her journey from nowhere to multi millionaire and Louise Bedford on investing in yourself.

You are here to CREATE not to be bestowed. You are not waiting for permission. Give YOURSELF the permission to go ahead and create. Ali Brown is one of the worlds most recognised female entrepreneurial coaches. Listen to this second part of her interview with our very own host of Talking Trading Caroline Stephen.


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