Are markets random or predictable? Sink your teeth into this research with Doug Dew.

When a share just goes up and up there is a name for it: A fat tail. Mentoree Doug Dew shares his studies on market probability, fractal geometry and fat tails. Louise Bedford discusses the cost of speculation and the challenges of a small account.


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Cameron Schwab on how elite coaches build confidence and the advice CEO’s hear.

Revel in your leadership skills with former AFL boss Cameron Schwab. After 25 years as a CEO of elite AFL Cameron learnt how to get the best performance from his team and himself. Cameron tells the inside story of what it takes to be a high level CEO. Louise Bedford shares the power of making the implicit explicit.


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Want to be a leader? What can traders learn from elite sports?

Cameron Schwab was CEO of three AFL clubs for 25 years. Hear his unique and personal insights into the world of elite sport and the leadership lessons he learnt. Louise Bedford says to stay true to your best habits.


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So you think your trading is rubbish? Take a step back and hear this episode to get perspective on life.

Scott Neeson was a Hollywood movie executive who lived the lavish Hollywood lifestyle, but after witnessing children surviving on the garbage dumps of Cambodia he quit Tinsel Town and established The Cambodian Children’s Fund. Hear his stories of the most indulgent lifestyles in the world next to the poorest and get perspective on your life and where you are headed. Louise Bedford shares on silencing that nagging voice of doubt.


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How will the Royal Commission affect you and your hip pocket?

Skullduggery or just large profit? The scrutiny of The Royal Commission is set to alter the way big banks do business. Economist Jonathan Barratt explains the major reasons behind the commission and how it will affect the economy, the property market and investors. Louise Bedford asks you what are your lions and tigers and bears in the market.


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