Exploring our notions of fun and play with author Ian Bogost.

In this episode we explore our notions of FUN and PLAY and power of finding novelty with best-selling author Ian Bogost. Plus hear from Louise Bedford in her Mindpower segment about how it might be in your best romantic interest to employ a cleaner.


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The power of the slight edge and what millionaires have mastered.

In this episode of Talking Trading, peak-performance trading coach extraordinaire - Dr Harry Stanton - explores the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen and discusses how more traders can use it to bring success. Plus, hear from Louise Bedford as she explains that trading is the gift you give yourself.


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The magic of networking can change your life.

In this 'must listen to' Talking Trading episode, you'll hear accountant Jason Cunningham and trader-extraordinaire Louise Bedford on the magic of meeting people face-to-face to expand your wealth. Plus learn about the importance of doing what you love so that you'll live your trader's life.


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Be enthralled by Terry Tran's journey into trading excellence.

Hear Terry Tran interviewed on what the markets have given him and the way he invests. Plus, listen to Chris Tate on a wrap of the markets and the latest opportunities for you.


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From refugee to self-made trader - how Terry Tran mastered the markets with Warren Buffet’s help. Louise Bedford on investing in your future.

Hear what Terry Tran learned from Warren Buffett and how he sifted through the misleading from the authentic information in part one of our interview with him.


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