What is around the corner for the Brisbane property market? And Chris Tate and Louise Bedford on trading personalities and friends.

Get the low down on the Brisbane property market and what is ahead for the Sunshine State with Brett Warren. Chris Tate also looks at when the first helmet appeared in cricket and how this reflects on male traders and Louise Bedford discusses the power of unreasonable friends in your life.


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Positive R

Mentoree Con Brochinis on his massive positive R return.

Mentoree Con Brochinis has hit a whopping R return and in this episode hear how he has done it. Chris Tate looks at the markets around the world and Louise Bedford plays a game of Who Am I?


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Shar Moore on living your purpose and finding why your feet touch the ground. Louise Bedford on women’s primal fears.

Fall in love with Shar Moore this week the woman who was destined to be a child bride at age 11 but now travels the world inspiring people to find their purpose. Her story is captivating and she will inspire you to swallow the sun. Hear Louise Bedford’s research into women’s primal fears and how they impact trading.


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Trading Nut

Go nuts with Cam Hawkins and Louise Bedford.

Get ready to be nutty with podcaster Cam Hawkins on what successful traders have in common, wacky market theories and crazy ways to cure money conniptions. Louise Bedford on what to expect during a transition period and how to treat yourself as you learn.


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Build your trading system like a pro with Adrian Reid and yell TA DA with Louise Bedford.

Check if your trading system is ticking all the right boxes with Adrian Reid from Enlightened Stock Trading and Louise Bedford tells her TA DA moment and why the best traders yell TA DA with their arms in the air.


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