Etienne Crete on trading forex whilst travelling the world, Louise Bedford on reframing losses and Chris Tate on underwater equity curves.

Travel the world whilst trading forex with Etienne Crete a swing forex trader who shows how much freedom traders can have, Louise Bedford tells you to reframe losses in your mind and Chris Tate shares on underwater equity curves.


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Where to invest for your income streams

Want to generate multiple income streams? Michael Griffith has created money in shares, property and business and in this episode he shares how. Louise Bedford tells you to visualize your future and Chris Tate discusses the difference between short term and day trading.


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Is trading addictive? Where does your psychology fit?

Trade like a pro and understand the psychology of addiction and reinforcement in the markets with Louise Bedford. Proprietary trader Richard Jackson shares his trading journey and about when the markets clicked and he saw The Matrix.


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Time Mastery

Turn your time into money with Mark Creedon and Louise Bedford.

Are you a master of your time? Hear these tips from Mark Creedon on how you can master your time so time doesn’t master you. Louise Bedford also offers another a nifty time management trick and Chris Tate discusses equity curves.


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How you talk to yourself to stay in the game.

What goes on inside your head when you trade? Here is a take on trading psychology you won’t want to miss. Trading Coach Andrea Wylan shares how consistently successful traders think. Chris Tate discusses the risk/reward ratio and Louise Bedford tells you to trade what you see.


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