Andrew Woodward is a Graduate of the Trading Game Mentor Program. Hear all about his trading journey and breaking down those big goals into building blocks.


Hear how those mini building blocks can create a whole new life in this week’s episode of Talking Trading. Mentoree Andrew Woodward discusses how the Mentor Program, and learning to trade with the six inches between his ears, led to creating a whole new business for himself. And Louise Bedford challenges you to treat yourself like a toddler for a day in order to manifest your BIG goals.


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Psyquation’s money management strategy and Louise Bedford on starting from scratch.


The first world’s first robo trading coach has come to life in the FX markets. Psyquation is not a black box or a trading system but a money management strategy. Hear how it was built and how it can eliminate trading errors. Plus if Louise Bedford had to start from scratch what would she do? Find out in this episode.


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The tools of great minds in achieving success.


Wake up with this week’s episode of Talking Trading as we talk to life coach Ken D Foster on how to create success and live your greatness. Hear his energy enjoy his passion and soak up his wisdom. Also be inspired by Louise Bedford’s psychological tactic of talking to your inner mentor.


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Mark Cook on his work ethic and trading to suit your personality.


This episode features part 2 of our interview with Stock Market Wizard Mark D Cook. Hear about his work ethic and why personifying your strengths and subduing your weaknesses will make you profitable. Also hear his views on the current state of the market.


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Mark D Cook on persistency and consistency in the markets.


Stock Market Wizard, Mark D Cook, is this week’s guest on Talking Trading. From a small country town of 1000 people in Ohio, Mark became one of the most famous traders in the world. Hear how an outgoing farmer became a share trader, the details of that famous Options story which put him into negative net worth, how he developed the Cook Cumulative Indicator and why he entered the US Investing Championship. Get ready for the extrovert from Ohio and why he says: There is always an opportunity to make money in the market. His job is to find that opportunity.


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