Are you going this journey alone or do you have a group to support you?

Mentoree Bob Mitchinson demonstrates the power of a support group for trading results, Chris Tate on which markets are trending around the world, Louise Bedford on make a will for goodness sake.


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What does it take to be successful in the markets? Find out in this episode.

Listen for more trading magic with George Rolleston and the advice he gives traders after his 15 years in the markets. Hear Chris Tate on the nature of success and Louise Bedford on ‘Lessons from Splash Mountain’.


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Looking for some trading magic? Hear this episode to short cut your success.

Trader George Rolleston on what he learned from studying with Stock Market Wizards Mark D Cook and Mark Minervini. Plus find out whether Chris Tate thinks trading is a hobby and hear from Louise Bedford about ‘your success map’.


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Get ready to be inspired with this Talking Trading classic with charting legend Peter L Brandt.

Hear his trading journey and how he knows the heartbeat of his trading plan better than his own wife! Plus hear Louise Bedford on finding your own inner Evel Knievel.


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Are the most successful people just lucky? Or is there some other magic in their lives?

It is time to be in the pilot’s seat of life and create your own luck. Enjoy this episode with Louise Bedford and Michael Yardney on how the successful make their own opportunities.


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