How you talk to yourself to stay in the game.

What goes on inside your head when you trade? Here is a take on trading psychology you won’t want to miss. Trading Coach Andrea Wylan shares how consistently successful traders think. Chris Tate discusses the risk/reward ratio and Louise Bedford tells you to trade what you see.


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Thought you had it tough growing up? Tiffony Jacobs speaks on the power of knowing how money works.

Growing up homeless on the streets of LA, Tiffony Jacobs knows how tough life can get. Hollywood made her story famous. Now hear how she uses her past adversity and financial knowledge to write her own life’s cheques. She is one the most courageous young women I have interviewed. Hear what motivates and inspires her. Also, Louise Bedford asks "What is your quiddity?"


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Hollywood made their lives famous, now 'Freedom Writer' Tiffony Jacobs shares her story of childhood homelessness to financial literacy and how she became the writer of her own life’s cheques.

Tiffony Jacobs grew up homeless on the streets of LA, but as a teenager she met the inspirational teacher Erin Gruwell who showed her students how to rise above their backgrounds and create lives of opportunity. She became a Freedom Writer and now Tiffony passionately advocates financial literacy. Come and hear her story and why many people call her a hero. Louise Bedford also shares on being a hero in her Mindpower segment.


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How great traders grow up with Mandi Pour Rafsendjani, Louise Bedford and Chris Tate.

Mandi Pour Rafsendjani continues her interview on how to overcome self-sabotage. What is the lone wolf syndrome, how do you allow other people and yourself to be fallible, and how to improve your trading 1% at a time? Louise Bedford shares on conquering your inner critic and Chris Tate looks at the difference in psychology between someone with a small versus large account.


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How to build your trading self-esteem

Understand your trading psychology at the deepest level with trader, trading psychologist and trading coach Mandi Pour Rafsendjani who gives fascinating insights into childhood self esteem, trading errors and ultimate success in the markets. Louise Bedford shares on the principle of serendipity.


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