When that worst news comes to you and you are no longer needed at work - what do you do? Hear this Talking Trading episode to find out.

Redundancy can put your life in turmoil, but this week we look at how a mentoree used a redundancy plan to recreate her life anew with more control and flexibility. We also hear from Matty White and his trading over 29 years and Chris Tate gives us the latest in the markets.


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Traders share their journey before and after the Trading Game Mentor Program.

This episode looks at the power of the Trading Game Mentor Program for two traders and the difference in their results. Con Bochrinis was an experienced trader going into the MP but there was an odd and confronting lesson awaiting him before he turned his trading results around. Adam Talbot learned the importance of a clear archetypal trade and keeping the support of traders around you. Hear Louise Bedford ask if you are sharing your vision and are you cramming your life with the things you love.


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Your fingerprint for success will be revealed in this fascinating episode.

In this episode we hear part 2 of Michelle Duval from Fingerprint for Success and the entreprenaissance and self-awareness of business leaders of the world. And Louise Bedford awards a gold star and a demerit.


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What the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders have in common and their quotes for success.

Want to know how entrepreneurial leaders think? In today’s interview we talk to Michelle Duval from 'Fingerprint for Success' to discover the attitudes and quotes of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Also, hear why the excuse "But I'm Tired" doesn't cut it as a reason for not learning about the markets.


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Exploring our notions of fun and play with author Ian Bogost.

In this episode we explore our notions of FUN and PLAY and power of finding novelty with best-selling author Ian Bogost. Plus hear from Louise Bedford in her Mindpower segment about how it might be in your best romantic interest to employ a cleaner.


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