The Answer

Inspirational guru and internationally acclaimed author Allan Pease on his new book on how to get anything you want in life.

Find out what drives success in today’s episode of Talking Trading. Allan Pease speaks about his new best-selling book The Answer and scientific research into the brain’s ability to create success. We also hear Allan’s personal story when disaster struck and he turned failure into the ultimate success rebuilding his life bigger and better. Author Gary Stone also speaks to Louise Bedford about his life-changing book Blueprint to Wealth and how to invest for the long term.


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The Hon. Sandra Nori on life in the bear pit of Australian politics.


On the back of the recent US election, this week’s episode features Hon. Sandra Nori, the former NSW Minister of Sport/Recreation and Women. We hear a few of the things Sandra learnt in the bear pit of the parliamentary floor, how she harnessed her ambition and what advice she would give to younger people.e.


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Get inside the head of seasoned Mentoree, Stephen Warden, who works to the definition of a trading pro.


Fast track your learning and prevent trading errors by getting inside the head of a trading elder. This week’s episode features Stephen Warden and how the markets have been for him in 2016. Hear how he works to the definition of a pro, how he follows his archetypal trades with no wiggle room to move and how he doesn’t take losses personally. Louise Bedford also urges to PLAY BIG. To listen to the voice inside you that says you can do more be more and want more and to always take life’s bigger option.


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As the world is reeling from The Donald coming up Trumps in the shock US election result, find out how the markets reacted and how you can profit.


He came up in Trumps and the US has a new president-elect. How did the markets react and where are those pockets of profits to find? Experts Chris Tate and Jono Barratt give the low down since the red states out voted the blue. And Louise Bedford asks - Are you good enough to make real money in the markets?


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Tanya Geisler on strategies to move from feeling like an imposter to feeling like an authority and Louise Bedford on The Dunning Krueger Effect.


This week’s episode looks at kicking self-doubt in the butt and championing your dreams. Leadership coach Tanya Geisler walks through three strategies to overcome The Imposter Complex and own your authority, while Louise Bedford puts self-doubt in the markets into perspective and how your trading system can overcome it. Come and listen… your confidence is waiting.


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