Adam Khoo Singaporean trader and entrepreneur on how to swim like a piranha to maximise your profits. Louise Bedford compares trading to yoga and mastering the basics.

In 2008 Adam Khoo was ranked among the top 25 richest Singaporeans under the age of 40. This interview shares his trading methodology, psychology and the wisdom of his grandfather.


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Thinking of becoming a full-time trader? Hear this episode before you make the leap.

To tinker or not to tinker? Just how much should you play with your trading plan? In this episode hear the only times Chris Tate revises his trading plan and his daily routine of exercise, trading and finding those moments of ‘Zen.’ Our options expert Evan McQuire shares his story with mentoree Carmel Stobbe and the life changing moments when trades go the right way for mentorees.


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Dr Happy 2

Ready for your happy pill? Feed your trading psychology and think like a pro.

What traits do the successful exhibit? Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy hears inside the minds of achievers every day and he shares some of the recurring habits and traits that carry people to the top. Louise Bedford shares on which quotes capture her imagination and Chris Tate discusses how to kick start a small account.


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Dr Happy

Wanting a boost of serotonin? This episode is for you.

Dr Tim Sharp on positive psychology and the habits of the happy and successful. Louise Bedford on what habits are your children modeling from you.


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'Anthony the Great' on his trading secrets and business crusades around the world. 

This  interview is a rare opportunity to hear market legend and entrepreneurial genius  Anthony Saliba on his business crusades around the world, his personal insights into sport, fitness and family and how his last name literally means 'Crusader'.


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