Build your trading system like a pro with Adrian Reid and yell TA DA with Louise Bedford.

Check if your trading system is ticking all the right boxes with Adrian Reid from Enlightened Stock Trading and Louise Bedford tells her TA DA moment and why the best traders yell TA DA with their arms in the air.


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Brian McAboy and Louise Bedford on how success comes from the inside out.

Trading Coach Brian McAboy sees it time and time again… traders are totally unprepared for the job. Hear the systematic magic he recommends for traders and Louise Bedford looks at the difference between passion and purpose and why it matters to reach your trading goals.


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Editor of Your Trading Edge magazine Kritika Seksaria and Chris Tate on the bullish markets around the world.

Ever heard of Your Trading Edge Magazine? Its editor Kritika Seksaria gives insight into the world of the magazine and what she has observed from all her years with successful traders and Chris Tate gives a wrap of the markets.


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Hit your trading up the middle of the fairway with golf expert Andrew McCombe. Louise Bedford asks what is your problem trying to teach you.

You will love hearing golf expert Andrew McCombe in this episode and the parallels between golf and trading, both endeavors which occur mainly between your ears. And Louise Bedford asks a probing question into your life.


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How it affects you with economist Jonathan Barratt.

The Australian Banking system has had a serious shake-up and in this episode hear how it affects you and where it leaves the Australian economy. Louise Bedford shares on how to say just the right thing to offer your fellow trader’s support.


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