Your Trading Edge

Your Trading Edge

Ever heard of Your Trading Edge Magazine? Its editor Kritika Seksaria gives insight into the world of the magazine and what she has observed from all her years with successful traders and Chris Tate gives a wrap of the markets.

Chris Tate

Indices around the world are bullish.

The Australian market was indifferent to the Royal Commission’s final report and it has continued its upward trend.

The Dow’s collection of stocks is explained by Chris as well as a look at top performing commodities.


Kritika Seksaria

If you are a trader you will have heard of Your Trading Edge magazine.

With an audience of 80 000 it is an industry standard publication and a right’s of passage for the serious trader.

Kritika is the editor of YTE and she has literally read thousands of articles on the markets….so what are her top pieces of advice for traders?

Kritika is making a special offer to Talking Trading listeners: A one year digital subscription for YTE.  Just go to the subscription page and add the code ytesub18.

Use this opportunity to become serious about trading.



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