Trading Lessons From Golf

Trading Lessons From Golf

You will love hearing golf expert Andrew McCombe in this episode and the parallels between golf and trading, both endeavours which occur mainly between your ears. And Louise Bedford asks a probing question into your life.

Mindpower Louise Bedford

Louise asks a curious question.

When you are going through things…what is that problem you are facing teaching you?

What deeper lessons you can take away?



Golf LIKE TRADING occurs mainly between your ears.

It is a sunny day, you stand feet apart holding your club, but there are many obstacles in the way, how do you hit that ball down the middle of the fairway?

Focus on EXACTLY where you want the ball to go and see with absolute CLARITY your ideal golf swing.

Someone once said golf is 80% mental and 20% mental. So it is 100% mental. Just like trading.

Great emotional management, high self-awareness, a burning desire for mastery … are we talking about a trader or a golfer or both?

In this interview we discuss:

  • The importance of resonating with the frequency of your ideal golf swing
  • How creating your ideal reality is a combination of both the mental and emotional.
  • How the QUEST golfers go through to get to where they want to go has nothing to do with golf.
  • The importance of choosing experts for expert advice.
  • How Andrew describes golf as artistry on land.

You will love hearing Andrew speak about his passion and how he has turned it into a reality.

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