Wyckoff Trading

Wyckoff Trading

Four essential steps to trading with Roman Bogomazov, Principal of Wyckoff Analytics.

Louise Bedford

This month is decision time to book into the Trading Game Mentor Program.

The Trading Game Mentor Program has been running for 22 years and is the culmination of Louise Bedford’s and Chris Tate’s life’s work.

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Roman Bogomazov

Trader, hedge fund manager and educator Roman Bogomazov is the principal of Wyckoff Analytics. He has mastered this fascinating and lucrative trading method.

In this episode, Roman talks about four essential steps to successful trading:  Knowledge – Skills – Process/Routine – Mindset.

He discusses acquiring knowledge and learning market movements, developing skills and practising them to become a Sherlock Holmes in the market, establishing a trading routine so trading becomes an unconscious event for you each day, then developing your psychology.

To find out more about Wyckoff Analytics go to www.wyckoffanalytics.com

Twitter: @wyckoffanalysis


Image by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pixabay

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