World Markets and ETFs

World Markets and ETFs

Take a look at the world markets with CNBC Chartman Daryl Guppy.  Hear why why the events of 2008 were as significant as 1929 and what impact the ETF revolution has had on the markets. Be inspired as Louise Bedford urges you to dump any drama queens or kings lurking inside you and to treat trading with the respect it deserves. Plus hear some feedback from the Markets Gone Mad Seminar in Sydney this month.


Louise and DarylMarket Wrap with CNBC Chartman Daryl Guppy

Take a walk through the world’s markets with CNBC Chartman Daryl Guppy.

Whilst the US market looks strong hear why it is fundamentally WEAK and why the Australian market continues to look UGLY.

Our market continues to run around like a headless chicken with enthusiastic rallies collapsing into scrovelling heaps allowing no trend stability to develop. According to Daryl to see a proper trend we need to move above 5660.

Hear Daryl’s analysis of the events of 2008 and how they were as significant as 1929 and how the advent of HFT and ETF’s altered the nature of our markets forever. Hear Daryl explain why ETF’s are playing an increasingly significant role and how they impact your trades.

Listen to Daryl’s advice – to lie back – enjoy the rally – but keep your stops tight.


1D3_2892The Awfulising Habit

What are you awfulizing today?

Good traders apply reality.  They don’t dramatise. They have emotional stability. They look at the world as it really is.

Through trading you have the absolute ability to change the way you live your life through trading and why Louise says to treat it with the respect and detachment it deserves.


Markets Gone Mad Seminar

Hear what some attendees of the Markets Gone Mad Seminar thought of the day.


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