Talking Trading kicks starts 2016 with four-time winner of the World Cup Trading Championship Andrea Unger. Listen to his accent as he shares his passion for the markets, the freedom and happiness trading gives him and his pearls for those cutting their teeth in the game. Also hear the latest in the markets from Jono Barratt.


Jono Barratt: Market Wrap

The markets closed strongly across the board last week with the Dow and S&P up and Australian equities following suit. But for this rally to be sustained it needs to translate to a demand for our goods…. we shall have to see.

Hear which positions Jono is looking to trade and why.


Andrea UngerAndrea Unger

Andrea is the only person to win the World Cup Trading Championships of Futures Trading four times!

The competition won Andrea trophies and fame but it is his CURIOSITY and PASSION for the markets that makes him happy. What motivates Andrea isn’t the money… it is the perception of FREEDOM and being in POSSESSION of his life. He could walk away from his charts but he usually finds he loves what he does too much so he chooses to stay.

In this interview he discusses the key lessons he learnt to be successful in the market:

1. You have to be patient

2. You absolutely have to avoid being greedy

It is MUCH better to become rich slowly than poor very quickly.

3. Keep your charts simple

The more complicated they becomes the worse it is to make a decision.

4. Stay humble and trade small

The markets are ready to punish anyone who doesn’t stay HUMBLE.

To find out more about Andrea Unger’s way of trading, you can sign up to his exclusive training:


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