Wolves on Wall Street

Wolves on Wall Street

Chris Tate on the shady side of things he has seen in the finance industry over 30 years and Louise Bedford on intuition.


LB - Trading MentorMindpower – Procrastination

Usually Louise would say that procrastination is the language of the poor.

Procrastination is one of the key differences between the way the rich and the poor think.

But also consider procrastination in terms of intuition.

If you are experiencing a feeling of dread about a decision or trying to silence a nagging voice of concern perhaps it is your subconscious trying to give you a warning.

Allow your intuition to be heard.

No one will ever care about your money as much as you do.


chris_tate_expChris Tate

Back in the 1980’s

Turbo charged sales roles

Drug and alcohol fuelled meetings

Front running client positions

These were some of the things rife within Broking Houses.

Think Wolf of Wall Street.

Brokers with too much money, too little education and no supervision.

It takes someone on the inside of the industry to know what the industry is like, what has changed and what hasn’t. Hear stories Chris witnessed in the pre-regulation days like when he was asked to cash a cheque for 13 million dollars or when several hundred million in bearer bonds fell off the back of a truck.

Chris’ mission is to show everyday investors the best way to deal with finances is to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Hear Chris Tate’s views on superannuation and the number one lie in the finance industry.


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