Watch Out! The Financial Asteroid is Closer Than You Think!

Watch Out! The Financial Asteroid is Closer Than You Think!

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David Chia – Market Matters and Watch Out! The Financial Asteroid is Closer Than You Think!

Chia_tumbHear multi-million dollar money manager David Chia’s views on how to avoid the impending financial doom that may be just around the corner.

David will tell you about the black swan phenomena and why he calls our market a ‘bull on steroids’. Listen to his priceless advice on what he recommends traders look for in the current market conditions.

The Aussie market kicked through to a new high this week, but is now taking a well earned pause to get back its breath. With virtually all sectors pointing upwards David recommends staying long.

Louise Bedford – Listen to Louise’s new Mind Power Segment on “The Imposter Syndrome”. Also hear Louise’s views on the power of the introvert.

louise_expFind out why the Imposter Syndrome can drag your dreams into the gutter.

Louise will give you the inspiration to banish it and hurl it to the wind, so you let nothing stop you from achieving your goals.

And, find out the power of the introvert with the book “Quiet’. Louise makes the lessons in this book personally applicable so that you can move forward with confidence, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Caroline Stephen – Trader Support – the missing ingredient for many traders

Caroline_Stephen_bioHear what Ruby Akbay liked about the Mentor Program including; the different but complimentary aspects of Louise Bedford and Chris Tate and the huge amount of support she received.

Put yourself in the picture.

Every exceptional trader has a strong bunch of trading buddies cheer-leading their efforts.

If you’re feeling alone, and not feeling the ‘love’, listen to Ruby’s words. They will warm your heart.



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