Want to invade the commodities markets? Get battle ready.

Want to invade the commodities markets? Get battle ready.

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Jonathon Barratt – Commodities and the Market Wrap

Jonathan_expPowerhouse economist and financial strategist Jonathan Barratt gives inside tips on commodities. Find out the rules for trading them, which are his tried and true favourites and what he is trading at the moment. An information rich interview which is a must listen to anyone wanting to crack this sector.

Mixed news from China may put the spoils on any major gains in the Aussie market this week. We have a bifurcation point of the market with a double top appearing and will have to wait for good news to push it through.

Far out – that was a great word, wasn’t it… ‘bifurcation’. Want to know what the heck it means? Let Jono Barratt spill the beans, tell you why he loves gold, and why he thinks the agricultural and mining sectors still look hot.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower and the Importance of Systems Trading

louise_expLouise throws down the gauntlet in her Mind Power Segment by urging you to do one thing per week to help your trading.

And we find out what Dilbert’s creator has been up to lately.   His new book ‘How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big’ is confirmation to traders that successful people use systems and that they are on the right track.

An amusing book, full of inspiration and practical tips.

Caroline Stephen – Want your spouse on your side?

005_COR1476Wonder how to get your spouse on your side? Why throw money at them of course.

Once you discover how to make cash out of thin air through trading, I almost guarantee your spouse will have a big smile on their face.

We find out about the Mentor Program from the perspective of the spouses.

What changes did Robert Van Doorn notice in Ruby and is he now a kept man?

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