Volatility is not your friend

Volatility is not your friend

In this ‘repeat by overwhelming demand’ episode of Talking Trading, hear Chris Tate define volatility and why it brings difficulty to traders in the markets. Chris discusses Options and why traders should have volatility valves on their trading plans. Louise Bedford looks at how to stave off depression in Mindpower with a series of questions to ask yourself at the end of each day to move forward in your life.


chris_tate_expVolatility is not your friend

What is volatility?

Many people confuse it with trend, but it has no direction.

It is the speed and magnitude of price movement.

Volatility brings noise into the market and trader’s should look for low volatility with the capacity for trend.

Options trading is a specialized area because it depends on correct volatility assumptions and having the capacity to map volatility. Chris explains the tactic to make money in Options and why volatility is a lot more complex than people think.

So should traders stay and play or should they run in highly volatile markets?

Hear what Chris Tate says.


LB - Trading MentorLouise Bedford – Mindpower

Stave off depression

Stave off the bugbear of depression!

Trading is such a solitary sport that sometimes you need practical tips.

Hear Louise’s 4 tips:

  1. Get into your body and experience being in touch with your senses ask yourself what did I see and hear today?
  1. Have gratitude about the things you have achieved through the day.
  1. Ask yourself if you have stepped one step closer to living your ideal life. If you move one incremental step to living your ideal life you will feel fantastic.
  1. Seek support and find trading buddies. Continual positive input is what you need to get you out of you.

Entire communities can change because one person puts their foot down and says they can move forward.

Louise wants you to be that person.


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