Million Dollar Coaching

Million Dollar Coaching
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Want to hear a rock star in the international business-coaching world? This Talking Trading episode is for you. Ali Brown is one of the worlds most recognised female entrepreneurial coaches. She’s an angel investor, and a speaker on women’s business leadership. But guys don’t tune out. Her money scripts and journey to the top is universal. Plus, hear another fascinating Mindpower from Louise Bedford on how you need to get used to failing.


Ali was living in New York in her twenties.

She went to withdraw $20 from the ATM but her balance was $18.56.

What did she do?

Ali Brown got out there. She knocked on doors. She showed guts.

She started an e-book on line business with 10 people’s names including her mother and her cat. But it worked and she started a following. She shared her knowledge and it grew to today where she now has 250 000 followers and hosts events all over the world.

This interview is her journey to becoming a self-made millionaire at age 35 and her journey beyond to becoming one of America’s most recognized business coaches.

Ali says: ‘The first million is your hardest. But once you figure out your first million you can pretty much figure anything out from there.’

Ali was ranked on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies, dubbed one of Forbes Women to watch. Featured on Secret Millionaire and is an entrepreneur delegate for the United Nations Foundation global accelerator. She is also part of Richard Branson’s New Frontiers in Philanthropy.

She is such a regular part of US television she has been spoofed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ali continues to grow through alignment with her core values. If she is feeling resentful or unhappy she is not honouring her values and she needs to change something.

Even Ali who coaches so many high-income women has made mistakes, but for her those lessons are priceless. Your business development will follow your personal development.

Have a look at her website at this link.


Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Get Used To Failing

It is time to get used to failing.

If you persist you will fail your way to success. The best traders are the ones who persist.

If you give up now you will never know you will never succeed and you will never grow.


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