Trading Mentors

Trading Mentors

As the 2019 Trading Game Mentor Program kicks off we have a load of resources for traders in this episode. Louise Bedford asks are exceptional investors just born lucky, Chris Tate looks at inspiring books and Philip Teo releases Trading Mentors, 10 profiles of the top trading experts around the world and their trading journeys.

Mindpower – Trading Genius

Are exceptional investors just lucky? Just who can become a trading genius?

Louise looks at exceptional athletes, performers and professionals who have achieved excellence and what they ALL have in common.

It seems the traditional argument of nature and nurture is obsolete!

Genius is a combination of both talent and hard work.

A Little Trading Chris Tate

Which books are inspiring for beginner traders?

Not does Chris only recommend Robert Rotella’s book – The Elements of Successful Trading he refers to a number of inspirational non- trading books to get a handle on the big picture of the markets.


Philip Teo

Philip Teo the architect of the Online Trading Summit has launched a new book TRADING MENTORS.

It features interviews with the top 10 trading mentors around the world who attended the summit. Inspired by Market Wizards these trader profiles have up to date, relevant and recent trading strategies and data.

Traders can see these mentor’s mistakes and how to sidestep them to shorten your own trading journey.

Look out for the Queen of Candlesticks Louise Bedford’s newly discovered Candlestick patterns that have not been documented before.

To grab a copy of Trading Mentors go to:

Grab your copy before 10 February to receive $600 worth of free special bonuses, which include digital recordings of the 10 mentors, Special Report pack by Louise Bedford and a 2-year subscription to Your Trading Edge.


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