Trading Balance

Trading Balance

This episode looks at how to balance mastery of trading with the important relationships in your life.

Doug Dew – Mentoree 2002

Learning to trade is exciting.

Chart patterns unfold and we begin to see a new language.

But sometimes we forget to communicate properly to our partners and explain the journey we are embarking.

Disappearing into your study and spending amounts of time staring at the screen may cause alarm bells to ring for your significant other.

Your partner may wonder why there isn’t an Audi R8 Spyder sitting on the drive way or why you are still taking your holiday’s at Merimbula.

Doug Dew author in this month’s Your Trading Edge magazine discusses the power of a full and frank discussion about trading with your partner.

How should and shouldn’t the conversation start and what are some of the questions your partner might ask you about this trading journey?


Are you a self-startler? – Louise Bedford

The self-startler has a love affair with trading.

They throw themselves in 100% learning as much as they can.

But they can easily burn out.

Mastery in trading includes maintaining a balance in life and looking after your family as well as your wealth.


A Little Trading – Chris Tate

What is the difference between managing a small account and a large account?

What are the differences in money management between an account of $3,000 versus $30,000 versus  $300,000?

Find out with Chris Tate.

How to Trade Full-Time – Unleash the Superhero Trader Within

Chris and Louise are so excited about this 1-day, 12 months of support function, coming to a location near you!

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