Time is Ticking

Time is Ticking

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louise_expLouise Bedford – Time is Ticking

Increase your productivity every single day with these killer strategies for time management. Learn to reward yourself for keeping to time goals, find out the importance of time integrity, and pinpoint exactly where you are wasting time. What is about that ‘white line’ phenomenon and the old KISS principle? You know the one – keep it simple stupid.

Trader, mentor, business own, mother, wife and author Louise Bedford shares these tricks of the time trade.

chris_tate_expChris Tate – Grow Your Trading Equity

In trading there a few things that works and few things that don’t! Chris Tate gives us the fundamentals of trading.

What is it all great, successful traders have learnt to do and why is sticking to your stop loss one of the hardest things you can do?

Yes, that old chestnut! Adhering to your stop loss.

Listen to hear how to live to fight another day.

You can never hear this message too many times!


Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod http://www.incompetech.com


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