A Life Beyond Limits

A Life Beyond Limits

Set your traders wings, visualise your success, and get ready to soar. This Talking Trading episode will have you kicking self-sabotage in the butt and replacing it success.

RikRik Schnabel – NLP Coach from Life Beyond Limits

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is what Australia’s best-known “Brain Untrainer” Rik Schnabel thinks. Find out why people sabotage their wealth mindset and how we can reprogram our minds to success by challenging our ideas of normal and the power of visualisation. Sure fire techniques to live a life beyond limits.

Rik Schnabel has over 8,000 hours of clinical and business coaching experience. He specialises in Business Start Up Coaching, Depression and Wealth Coaching.

Rik is also a Master NLP and Life Coach Trainer so when it comes to coaching, he has a great depth of experience. Call Rik today on +613 8669 1106 to discuss your Coaching needs and desired outcomes or email him with your phone number and he will call you – contact rik.schnabel@lifebeyondlimits.com.au.

Scott_expMarket Wrap with Scott Lowther

Not a great deal happened in the Aussie market last week. Indices are up but domestically the stats were down. Are the markets going to push up this week or are they are going to drift sideways? We will have to wait and see.

Long term however we are in running in a bullish direction.

sr-50-tips_coverTrivia and Trading Tips

Hear about Warren Buffet’s hidden acting talent and which TV soap opera he has appeared in.

Also, you’ll love listening to another two Trading Tips to fuel your profits. You’ll receive this Special Report for free as soon as you register on this website as a reward for joining the Talking Trading community. So make sure you’re registered, so you can reap the rewards.


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