The Art of Face Reading

The Art of Face Reading

Read another person’s character within seconds and further understand your own personality.

Imagine looking at a person’s face and knowing their strengths, weakness and their personality just from their features? The art of face reading enables you to do just that. In this episode we talk to Celebrity Face Profiler Alan Stevens on the power of face reading and how it helps you understand your personality and trigger points so when the markets are tough you have awareness of how you react. Also hear from Louise Bedford in Mindpower on how you can de-tooth the fear of failure to live a trader’s life.


Alan StevensAlan Stevens – Celebrity Face Profiler

Facial features are the windows to your mind and the art of face reading helps you determine people’s character traits, personalities and skills.

It also helps you to understand your own personality and which characteristics are triggered during trading drawdowns as under stress you always react to your base line personality.

It benefits children’s learning styles, assists children find suitable careers and in couples can increase the communication for a stronger relationship.

Hear Alan’s face reading on Chris Tate, Louise Bedford and Caroline Stephen and do the simple finger test to see if you are a risk taker or not.


Mindpower – Fear of Failure.  Louise Bedford

Define the thing you are scared about and de-tooth it.

Is it fear of loss, fear of process or fear of the outcome?

Once you define what is stopping you articulate it, talk about it and get one step closer to ‘the traders life’.


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