Why wait for life to throw you curve balls? Delve into positive psychology and be proactively happy. Dr Suzy Green from The Positivity Institute joins Talking Trading this week with her arsenal of happy strategies to build resilience and self-confidence. Hear how to use mindfulness, neuroplasticity, and the permah model to create a meaningful, fulfilled and flourishing life. Her biggest piece of advice: get clear about the person you want to be.


suzy-green1Dr Suzy Green

Why wait till you are depressed and can’t get off the coach to do something about your emotional well being? Take the bull by horns.

Positive psychology is the science of optimal human functioning – it focuses on being proactive with mental health and looking into the present and the future and designing meaningful goals for a flourishing life.

Science identifies these components to:

  • Mindfulness

When you are on automatic pilot you often unconsciously fall into old patterns of behaving. Mindfulness allows you to consciously choose how you want to behave and be the person who you want to be.

  • Neuroplasticity

You can teach an old dog, new tricks. Train your brain and your neural channels with positive thought and emotional patterns.

  • Permah Model


Emotionally healthy people:

  • Experience negative emotions but they are far out weighed by positive emotions like love gratitude and awe
  • They are engaged and in the flow state
  • They have lots of positive relationships
  • They have a sense of meaning in what they are doing
  • They have a good sense of accomplishment
  • They invest heavily in their physical health

Suzy’s biggest piece of advice for positivity is: get clear about the person you want to be. How will you be thinking – feeling – behaving and what strengths will you be using?


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