Summit 2

Summit 2

Let’s draw our inspiration from all high achievers – rather than just focusing on Market Wizards. What mindset gets a climber to the top of Everest? In this Talking Trading episode, mountaineer Patrick Hollingworth reveals how the mountains strip you back to be your best self. You’ll also hear Louise Bedford in her Mindpower segment talk about consistency in trading.

Louise Bedford- Mindpower

If there is a single goal every trader should have it should be “consistency”.

Have a trading plan which sets out your goals and approach trading with mechanical detachment.

Trading should be monotonous and steady.



 Patrick Hollingworth

What can climbing remote mountain peaks teach about the meaning of everyday life?

Patrick looks at how the mountains strip you back to be your best self without ego or false pretense and why he climbs the most remote places on planet earth.

Believe it or not, Patrick thinks he is lazy, just not in the mountains where real strength comes from within.

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Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash

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