Peak Trading

Peak Trading

Patrick Hollingworth is a mountaineer who has climbed the world’s highest peaks. Here is a travel tour of the top 5 mountain ranges which have made him.

Louise Bedford

Trading can be isolating and finding genuine people and developing good relationships with them can be easier said than done. Here is the ‘giver-matcher-taker’ philosophy so you can get your needs met as a friend.




Patrick Hollingworth

Mountaineer Patrick has travelled the world climbing international summits.

Patrick goes to his favourite places and mountain ranges which have made him.

Starting in New Zealand where he learnt to climb and then onto Pakistan and the western extent of the Himalayan range. We then traipse over to European Alps and stay a few spell-binding minutes at the foot of Mt Blanc and then bustle over to the UK and London.

Warning: Travel guides may need to come out listening to this and you may want to book your next holiday once everyone is vaccinated.

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Photo by Roko Labrovic on Unsplash

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