Remarkable People

Remarkable People

David Pasqualone on how big investors think and Louise Bedford on learning with child-like curiosity and fun.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

What if we had a sense of child-like fun and curiosity about trading?  And if each step we stretched ourselves that bit further?





David Pasqualone

David speaks on what he has observed from big investors and high rollers on his podcast “Remarkable People” and how they play at life. Big investors have these traits in common; they are wired differently, they are risk-friendly and they think differently. Hear some examples from David’s friends and how they play the investing game.


Also, many of you know how Chris and Louise are fans of Jerremy Newsome. Louise introduced Jerremy and David and their podcast together was sensational. Listen here and watch the video.

To hear and watch David interview Chris and Louise on Investing, Trading Secrets and Personal Responsibility, click here.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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