Relationship Bull

Relationship Bull
FILE - In this Dec. 12, 2011 file photo the bull and bear bronze statue stands outside the stock market, Deutsche Boerse AG, in Frankfurt, Germany. Germany's Deutsche Boerse said Tuesday, March 20, 2012, it will sue the European Union's competition regulator over its decision to block the company's US dollar 10 billion merger with NYSE Euronext. Deutsche Boerse said it considers the decision by the European Commission to block the deal to be "faulty" on several aspects and will take its complaint to a European court in Luxembourg. (AP Photo/Michael Probst, File)

In this episode of Talking Trading Chris Tate gives an in depth look at the end of the bull run in the US and how traders can tackle the current climate. Bull run endings are akin to relationship breakups – they never end gracefully. Chris identifies the problems for traders to watch for in a short market and the share opportunities he is looking at in his charts. Louise Bedford tells us that DESIRE and AMBITION are the golden threads leading us towards to our actions and that we are more powerful than we realize.


Niv DaganNiv Dagan, Peak Asset Management – Market Wrap

With a 214 point fall on the ASX and then a strong rebound the next day the markets last week were hurly burly.

Hear the latest market statistics from Niv and suggestions traders can take to enhance their portfolio.

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Louise Bedford says: “Niv’s views are a fabulous combination of humour and fact. I get his newsletter, and I love his market updates“.


MINDPOWER – Louise Bedford

Desire is the great FIRE in your belly.

Every action starts out with desire.

Get clear on your desires and they will drag your action in the right direction so you can achieve what you really want in life.


Chris - InvastChris Tate – Market Analysis

When bull runs end they end with a bust.

When the US market started to fall apart last week and China had its version of an epileptic fit Australia was hit and the selling was across the board.

Short selling is a specialized skill and Chris points out what traders should be on look out for in short markets and bear climates. He also shares the opportunities his hawk eye is on at the moment and how traders can take profit from the table.




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