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In this episode Gary Stone from Share Wealth Systems explains various strategies for DIY investors to maximize their money. Hear why diversification is best executed across different asset classes, how many simultaneous strategies a DIY investor can realistically manage and why Gary loves ETFs.

Also hear Louise’s book of the week and why she has learned to say ‘you’re probably right’ to doubters detractors and trolls and to hold her council until the money speaks for itself. Also hear a quick wrap of the markets with expert forex trader Pete Armstrong.


Peter ArmstrongMarket Wrap Pete Armstrong Expert Forex Trader

Pete Armstrong is one of Chris Tate and Louise Bedford’s previous licensing brokers. They think the world of him, so it’s exciting to hear his debut on Talking Trading this week.

The US equity market continued to rally last week as we stay on the emotional roller coaster concerning whether the Fed will or won’t hike interest hikes.


Find out which currency pairs Pete is stalking for opportunities this week.

gary-louiseMulti Strategy Investing

DIY investors have access to a range of strategies to build wealth creation.

Gary Stone from Share Wealth Systems explains the meaning of true diversification and why it is important to invest across different asset classes and strategies. He shares with us the strategies he employs for his own wealth creation and the break down of stock selection on the market.

Gary also shares his passion for ETFs as an investment tool. Hear how they are less volatile than stocks on the market and how the right ones beat indices.


Bedford_06_white-bgBook Review

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Getting Your Shit Together by John Carlton

Getting your Shit Together in the Markets could be an alternative title for this book, which is about managing to hold your head high when other people ridicule you.

Hear when members of Louise Bedford’s family told her she was foolish to get involved with the markets and how she handled their ridicule.

To doubters detractors and trolls Louise has learned to say: ‘You’re probably right’ and let the money speak for itself.


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