Memory Trading

Memory Trading

Magnify your memory power and play along with Chester’s games today to increase your trading and social IQ. It is super fun! Louise Bedford and Chris Tate give inspiration in Mindpower and A Little Trading.

A Little Trading – Chris Tate

Chris talks about the Finviz tools he uses every day.



Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Giving ourselves credit for our accomplishments and learning to self-praise keeps us moving forward and prevents us from burning out.



Chester Santos

Chester is known as the International Man of Memory (not to be confused with Austin Powers and the International Man of Mystery).

In 2008 he won the US memory championships and now coaches people on how to magnify their memories.

At (3.13 mins) learn Chester’s storytelling memory techniques and play along with this great memory game. Truthfully, I found it quite challenging but fun. See how you get along.

At (10.25 mins) hear why a good memory helps in business and at (11 mins) hear the golden rule on how to remember people’s names.

To follow Chester’s has weekly tips on Twitter and Instagram go to: ChesterJSantos


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