Climb Your Trading Mountain

Climb Your Trading Mountain

Step forward and become your own thriving trading business living life on your terms with Louise Bedford and Chris Tate in today’s episode. Hear Peter Fuller’s psychological transformation from the Mentor Program which flicked the auto switch inside his head and changed his life. 

A Little Trading – Chris Tate

Get your head screwed on right with the Big Bald Bloke as he talks on exactly what you can control in the markets and how to view losses. 




Mindpower – Louise Bedford

A burning question the best up and coming traders ask is “Am I good enough to make real money in the markets?” 

And the answer is HECK YES. But sometimes you might need a little bit of help.  

It is so much easier to scale the trading mountain when you have the support of traders who have gone before you and are already living life on their terms. 


Peter Fuller – Mentoree 2019

Peter Fuller is a Trading Game Mentoree of 2019 who had some big changes in his psychology in week 9 of the Mentor Program. Peter got rid of the auto switch inside his head – you might recognize it yourself, as the little voice of self-sabotage, the one that says it is just a matter of time until people find out I am a fraud. It is called the Imposter Syndrome and guess what? Everyone suffers from it and the most powerful to dispel it is to talk about it and get it out in the open … just like Peter is doing in this episode.  


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