How to Unleash Your Potential

How to Unleash Your Potential

Andrew McCombe on transforming trader’s psyches and moving into alignment.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

What are your earliest memories of money from childhood?

What money stories soaked into your subconscious and drive your behaviour today?



Andrew McCombe

When Andrew’s brother died in 1997 it changed his life. Andrew turned inward and has been inward ever since, helping athletes, traders, business people transform their reality and unlock their potential.

Andrew does deep inner transformational work putting traders on a path of healing and the road to recovery.

He looks at why traders fail or sabotage their success, what traders can do when they notice emotion rise and the two quickest ways to achieve success as a trader or in life in general.

I had a session with Andrew and I loved it! It was deep, profound and shifted my perspective.

To listen to Andrew’s meditation go to

Or to talk to him personally go session



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