How to Boost Your Income

How to Boost Your Income

Louise Bedford and Mahlah Ludekens on how engineers fit the trading profile.

Louise Bedford and Mahlah Ludekens

Louise and Mahlah have a strange connection in common. Mahlah works with intelligent, highly motivated engineers and Louise is married to one.

These two ladies discuss how high-level professionals create side interests and how trading fits perfectly into this picture.

What do engineers have going for them when it comes to trading? They think methodically, value systems, routine and checklists in getting outcomes.

In other words, they have 80% of the skills needed to become a top-level trader.

Hear how to create more than one source of income, so you are protected for life.

To hear Mahlah’s Ludekens podcast go to RecruitR Connections on Apple podcasts.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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