Finding ‘Financial Freedom Town’

Finding ‘Financial Freedom Town’
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In this week’s episode of Talking Trading hear how to cultivate a wealth mindset with Benjamin Harvey. Change your mind with these wealth blueprint strategies, which will lead you towards Financial Freedom Town. Chris Tate gives a wrap of the markets and what is trending.


Chris - InvastChris Tate

Chris takes a quick look at how the US, the European and the Australian markets are performing.

Hear what he has his eye on and where he looking for opportunities.


ben-smilingBen Harvey – Authentic Education

We have roads inside our minds.

Roads we drive down repeatedly.

Want a different life? A life where you are financially free and you have all the wealth you deserve?

Ben Harvey has some secrets to share on how to create new roads inside your mind to get you to financial freedom town.

In this interview hear:

  • How to control the emotions of fear, guilt and greed
  • The importance of finding a purpose for wealth and reasons its distribution
  • The Law of Diffuse Motivation
  • Why our nervous system can only take 10% fluctuations at a time
  • How our money imprints determines opportunities

Many self made billionaires and millionaires were born broke. What they do differently is they strategically approach and rewire the way their brains think.

You can change your money imprint too.

Ben’s Free Financial Freedom Formula Seminar

Ben is running a series of top functions, and he’s offered Talking Trading listeners free tickets! Have a look where he’s presenting:

Manly Jun 14 (Wed)
Parramatta Jun 15 (Thu)
Adelaide Jun 17 (Sat)
Melbourne Jun 18 (Sun)
Perth Jun 20 (Tue)
Sydney Jun 24 (Sat)
Brisbane Jun 25 (Sun)
Gold Coast Jun 27 (Tue)
* 9am – 6:30pm each day

Click here to get involved.


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