Controlled by Bad Habits?

Controlled by Bad Habits?

In this week’s episode, educator, coach and mentor Ben Harvey talks about systems, habits, everyday-discipline and living your love. Louise Bedford discusses loneliness in share trading and how to move beyond it and Chris Tate answers 10 questions on the markets in a quick quiz.


Chris Tate – Market Quiz

Hear 10 questions with Chris Tate on the markets including his best and worst moments trading and when even he got distracted placing a position.


LB - Trading MentorLOUISE BEDFORd – Mindpower

When Louise started trading in the markets she was on her own.

She had no family support and didn’t know any other traders, there was no-one to talk to about the markets.A lot of us start out like that.

Fight your way out of your loneliness.

Define it first and work out the scaffolding and the baby steps required to move beyond it.

A world of friendship awaits you in the Mentor Program.


benjamin_harveyBen Harvey – Authentic Education Part 2

Feel controlled by bad habits?

Seeking to change your mind but don’t know how?

As Warren Buffet said:

‘The chains of habit are so weak we can’t feel them until they become so heavy we can’t break them.’

In part two of this interview with Ben Harvey of Authentic Education we talk about:

  • How to create new habits
  • Everyday discipline
  • The importance of creating systems for success
  • Living your love

To find out more about Ben Harvey and Authentic Education go to

Ben is running a series of top functions, and he’s offered Talking Trading listeners’ free tickets! Have a look where he’s presenting:


Manly Jun 14 (Wed)
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* 9am – 6:30pm each day

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