Find Your Options

Find Your Options

Hear new options to make money in this episode of Talking Trading with Options Expert Larry MacMillan as he discusses his unique volatility capture strategy – an option hedging strategy designed to protect downside risk. Hear how it works and some of the highlights of his 30-year trading journey. Louise Bedford also warns against negativity bias and how to avoid it in the markets.


Larry MacMillanLarry MacMillan

Options can be very profitable… but they can be risky.

Larry McMillan uses a unique Volatility Capture Strategy, an all weather investment approach that combines the benefits of option writing with strategies designed to protect downside risk.  Hear how it works and why he uses this hedging strategy to make money.

Hear his most outstanding trade in 2008 at the time of Lehman Brothers collapse and the market downfall when the VIX went to the moon and people in his volatility capture strategy walked away with fist full’s of cash.

Also hear his worst trade and the lowest point in the markets for him with Gulf Oil and a take over that never happened.

The area of the most potential growth in the markets in Larry’s mind are VOLATILITY DERIVIATIVES.

Volatility futures started trading in 2004. Volatility options started trading in 2006. Larry is trying to educate people on how to trade them.

Hear Larry’s advice to traders and the importance of taking the emotion out of trading.


LB - Trading MentorLouise Bedford – Negativity Bias

We pay more attention to things that are negative and that can hurt us.

After all… it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective.

If our ancestors didn’t pay attention to that glint of eye or that flash of tooth in the dangerous animals barrelling towards them then we wouldn’t be here today.

But this negativity bias can scare you out of a trading position.

Hear Louise’s advice to stop this bias in the markets.


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