Are Futures in Your Future?

Are Futures in Your Future?

Market Wizard author Jack Schwager has released a new book – a 700-page epic on all you need to know about the futures market. In this interview, we take a look at the key attributes of the futures market, the great debate between fundamental and technical analysis, what makes a good trend follower and the key attribute of the market wizards.


LB - Trading MentorLouise Bedford – Trial and Success

Do you feel like you have been through the wringer?

Have you had hard times that just don’t seem fair?

You are not alone.

If you scratch the surface of any leader you will find battle scars.

Successful people have often emerged victorious only after being through the tough times. If things haven’t run smoothly for you…take HEART. You are probably on track.


Jack Schwager – Futures Market

Jack Schwager has written a new book – A Complete Guide to the Futures Market Second Edition.

Complete with charts and analysis this 700-page reference guide has been created so investors can make informed choices about the markets and approach them with a realistic perspective.

In this interview, we discuss the key elements of the futures markets.

  1. As easy to go short as long
  2. Extremely liquid
  3. You can trade any market in the world.

We look at the big advantage technical holds over fundamental from a money management point of view and the pros and cons of each. And we discuss what makes a good trend follower in today’s markets.

Finally, we discuss the most common word used by the market wizards – DISCIPLINE.


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